Project 3 Proposal: Traveler’s Adventure

The idea for this project is a world that is waiting to be explored. I plan to have a large forest area with a lot of objects that can be interact with. My idea comes from the Little Red Riddinghood, you are the player that is trying to reach grandmother’s house, but on the way there are obstacles that need to be completed in order to keep going forward.
Creating this game in VR would be useful because this world is meant to be explored and most of the object will be interactable, this will allow the user to be more immerse than just playing with a keyboard and mouse.

This game will be built with Unity 3D and meant to be used on the HTC Vive. I plan to use free 3D objects from the Unity asset store as well.

Final Product

The final product did not completely turn out like the proposal, the player still needs to get to grandmother’s house, but there are only three obstacles. Obstacle 1: The player must collect a total of 20 apples before getting to the house. Obstacle 2: The player must fight off the wolves. Obstacle 3: Everything must be completed under a certain time. Originally it was imagined that the game would be for a younger audience, but now the player is using a gun to fight off the wolves.


The player must collect apples by putting them in a basket, once the player has 20 apples they must go to the house in order to win. If the player runs out of time or dies by getting attacked by wolves it is game over, if the player reaches the door of the house alive, with time left over and has 20 apples then they win.
Teleporting to navigate (Left Controller): Trigger (activate laser) + Touchpad press (Teleport)
Grabbing: Grip press(pick up), Grip press (let go)
Shooting (Right Controller): Trigger


The game was built in Unity 3D along with SteamVR and VRTK toolkit. The game contains a wolf AI which spawns in a corner of the terrain. There is also a a VR canvas which follows the headset and contains the player information: Time, Apple Count and Health. There will also be apples and apple trees which the player will be able to collect.


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Executable and Assets